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Noël en Famille

Christmas Holiday Newspaper

We're taking a few days off for the holidays, but wanted to share this lovely, festive digital tabloid before we sign off. Designed by Pierre-Antoine Arlot, it is inspired by "the ephemeral beauty of family reunions."

Christmas Holiday Newspaper

Created with ARTHR, Noël en Famille celebrates Pierre's holiday history through photos, anecdotes, and family recipes. He says: "How might we capture the atmosphere of these shared moments with loved ones? As our family is growing and getting dispersed around the world, I wanted to go back to the origins of our very first Christmas feasts – to capture the stories and recipes that might have been forgotten."

Christmas Holiday Newspaper

"I wanted to create a reminder of what Christmas means and to offer a gift to the youngest generation, so they know where they come from and one day can take the reins to write a new page in our family history."

And on that note - happy holidays from all of us at Newspaper Club!

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