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Posters and Portraits exhibition ends today


It's the last day to catch the excellent Posters and Portraits exhibition at The Bridge Gallery in Los Angeles City Hall. We're thrilled to have sponsored the exhibition, which celebrates the work of LA-based arts non-profit Inner-City Arts and the program’s impact on Los Angeles youth.

The exhibition is presented by The Posters and photographer Collette McGruder, who printed a digital broadsheet newspaper to accompany the work. In Their Own Words features 10 prints from The Posters and 10 portraits of students by Collette McGruder. This juxtaposition, says Collette, "highlights not only the importance of the arts in shaping LA’s urban fabric, but the need to make the arts accessible to all Angelenos." In a fitting design twist, the newspaper folds out to transform into a series of posters. Clever! (As a side note, we’ve got a handy guide to making posters with your newspaper.)


About the newspapers, Collette says: "They were a rage. I could barely keep them around. Every person in attendance wanted them. Nearly everyone wanted to know how and where to make one! It was wonderful."

If you happen to be in Los Angeles today, head over to The Bridge Gallery to catch this exhibition under the wire and pick up a lovely newspaper. For more details about the exhibition and the artists involved, visit http://www.postersandportraits.com.

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