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Newspaper of the Month: Peirene Press

Peirene Press Newspaper Book Catalogue

Our Newspaper of the Month for October is the 2015 edition of Peirene Press catalogue. We've written about Peirene Press before, but in case you missed it: Peirene is a publisher that specialises in contemporary European fiction printed for the first time in English. They publish just three meticulously selected novellas a year--each a variation on a common theme, all award winners in their own countries. "Thought-provoking, well-designed, short" is their maxim.

Peirene Press Newspaper Book Catalogue

This is the fourth edition of the traditional tabloid newspaper that Peirene distributes to bookshops, libraries, and cultural venues around London. This issue has all sorts of thought-provoking content, including essays by translators and writers, contributions from readers, and an interview with Peirene's book cover (and newspaper!) designer, Sacha Davison Lunt. There's even a guide to essential European films, hand-picked by an expert panel of Peirene's friends (like professor of screen arts, Maria Delgado).

Peirene Press Newspaper Book Catalogue

Copies of the newspaper will be distributed by friendly Peirene ambassadors outside London Underground stations every Monday morning until Christmas, and twice a month after that until October 2016 – when a new and inevitably wonderful issue of the newspaper comes out.

Thank you for printing with us, and congratulations!

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