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Little Print Shop of Horrors

Little Print Shop of Horrors newspaper

For the fifth year running, Creative Spark in Manchester is selling spooky, limited edition designs in their Little Print Shop of Horrors!

To raise money for local charity Forever Manchester, the brand agency's office split into teams to create print images based on the theme "Award Winning Horror." The prints are up for sale online, and the team that sells the most prints wins.

They created a digital broadsheet newspaper to showcase the prints and "celebrate the hard work and creativity that has gone into this event over the last 5 years!" It's a great little paper, filled with clever takes on classic films.

We've picked a few of our favourite designs from this year's prints:


Hocus Pocus by Jane Bowyer


Where's Thorwald? by Robyn Makinson


Dial M by Andy Mallalieu

You can see all of this year's prints in the Little Print Shop of Horrors online store. Little Print Shop of Horrors is in collaboration with Jelly London, Handsome Frank, Illustration, and Brazen PR.

Thanks for printing with us--and Happy Halloween! Have a spooky weekend all.

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