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Weather Station (Part I)

Weather Station Digital Tabloid Newspaper

Over the summer, OSR Projects in West Coker invited artists to explore the natural landscape from within a plastic zorb, and to mark the inside of the structure with notes and drawings along the journey. We'll let OSR Projects explain further:
"Weather Station is a mobile pavilion for the collection of images, objects and ideas. An artist-led response to flooding and extreme weather, exploring the changing relationship we have with landscape and the natural world."

weather spread 4

"Cumulative rather than collaborative, the structure passes from one artist to the next, gathering traces of its journey through the streets, fields, and rivers of South West England."

weather spread 3

Fire and Ice Creative designed the Weather Station (Part I) digital tabloid newspaper to accompany an exhibition of the Weather Station structure, alongside documentation of the journey it has taken so far. The exhibition also featured environmentally-focused work from each of the artists involved.

The free newspaper includes artists Jethro Brice, Simon Lee Dicker, and Alexander Stevenson, with photography by Georgina Conroy and Simon Lee Dicker.

weather spread 2

Weather Station was most recently spotted in Weymouth - keep your eyes peeled for Part II. Thank you for printing with us!

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