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Souplesse: For the Modern Cyclist


Souplesse is a gorgeous digital mini newspaper celebrating the history and visual culture of cycling, published by the design-minded folks behind The Modernist. The magazine is cleverly printed on newsprint so "you can stuff it up your jersey after you have read it should you find yourself on a long and cold descent." Form and function.


Publisher Eddy Rhead further explains the choice to use newsprint: "Newspaper and cycling have a lot of shared history. The three Grand Tours in France, Italy, and Spain all came about as promotional races for newspapers. Traditionally cyclists have been known to stuff newspapers up their shirts on a long mountain descent to keep warm. Newsprint seemed the perfect medium for Souplesse, and a cost effective way of getting a full colour publication. The quality of newsprint is unique and the immediacy of the process is very satisfying."


Keeping with the focus of The Modernist, the magazine is concerned with the visual culture of cycling, eschewing product reviews and training regimens. Topics for this issue include an architectural history of the Olympic velodrome, photographic study of the British bike fan, and an answer to the burning question of why cyclists shave their legs ("There are few things more visually offensive than a pair of pasty, furry legs pouring out of a pair of bib shorts.")


Souplesse is very nearly sold out but you may be able to grab one of the last copies in The Modernist's online shop (and if you're lucky, a badge that says 'Fuelled by flapjacks and fizzypop'). Thanks for printing with us!

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