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Newscastle Science Comic: Spineless

Newscastle Science

Newcastle Science Comic strikes again! The wonderful folks behind Asteroid Belter have teamed up with curators and researchers from Great North Museum: Hancock to produce a insect-centric comic (say that ten times fast) for the museum's latest exhibition. Spineless is all about invertebrates—where they live, what they do, and why they’re important.


"We chose to print on newsprint as it's fun for reader to read and for artists to work with," says editor Lydia Wysocki. "The traditional mini format is an ideal size for children age 6-10 (and adults too) to read both at the Spineless exhibition and to take home from the museum. It also proved cost-effective for our whopping 20,000 print run."


Spineless is published by Applied Comics Etc with contributions from illustrators Jess Bradley, Terry Wiley, John Gatehouse, Dave Windett, Emily Rose Lambert, Sigmund Reimann, and Samuel C Williams.

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The Spineless exhibition is on at the Great North Museum: Hancock in Newcastle from 1 August-1 November 2015. Both the comic and the exhibition are free.

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