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Embrace Annual Report


We recently printed a beautiful Annual Report for Embrace, a nonprofit organisation 'committed to advancing maternal and child health by delivering innovative solutions to the world's most vulnerable populations.' The report covers the organisation's impact and growth over the past year, but it's not just financials — interspersed throughout are photographs and first-person stories from mothers in developing countries whose lives have been impacted by Embrace. It's a lovely, inspiring publication.

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The Annual Report was designed by Advocate Creative, an award-winning creative agency working with nonprofits, social ventures, and causes. Art Director Jessie McGrath tells us more about the project:
"The 2014 Embrace Annual Report highlights the incredible work they are doing to reduce newborn mortality rates in countries around the world by integrating technology with training and education to support health workers and families in low-resource settings."


"We wanted the design to capture the texture and immediacy of the stories from the field featured throughout the annual report, and the Newspaper Club traditional mini provided the perfect format and aesthetic to accomplish this. We are thrilled with the printing, and happy to be able to tell about the important work Embrace is doing through such a distinctive format."


A thoughtfully-made newspaper that conveys the vision of a remarkable organisation. Thank you for printing with us!

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