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Iris & June


What's better than a newspaper with a cup of coffee? How about a newspaper that teaches you how to make that cup of coffee? And shares hand-written recipes from the café owner's grandmothers?


Iris & June (named after said grandmothers) is an artisan café in London and their newspaper does just that. To celebrate their first birthday, they printed a classic tabloid publication as a 'thank you letter to the farmers and the roasters, the designers and the visionaries...the businesses who let us order below their minimum.' It's a lovely celebration of the culture at Iris&June, and their passion for what they do and who they do it with shines through. It's also a flipping beautifully designed newspaper. Co-owner Jodie wrote to tell us about the publication:

"Iris & June opened in April 2014. We pride ourselves on our excellent coffee, food, and customer service. We think we’ve created a neighbourhood cafe that will stand the test of time and be a place that local people can be proud of."


"To celebrate our first birthday, we wanted to tell the wider community about Iris & June, what we stand for and how we are different. To celebrate independence and those who have supported us from day one."


"To do this we partnered with the very talented team at Proud Creative to produce a bespoke publication. Our publication gives readers an insight into our world of coffee and food and showcases the passionate and creative people that cross our path everyday."


"Issue 1 features some of our suppliers talking about what it’s like to be small independent businesses committed to quality in one of the most competitive cities in the world. We share a couple of café recipes handed down from Iris & June, show how to brew like a barista at home and feature some of our much loved regular customers that keep us striving for excellence every day."


"We distributed copies at the London Coffee Festival, have been handing them out at Victoria and St James’ stations and to local offices and resident’s homes within the surrounding neighbourhood. You can also drop by Iris & June and pick up a copy with your morning coffee."

"I was so impressed with the ease and efficiency of Newspaper Club. Couldn't quite believe that I submitted the files and got a call the next day to say they had already been printed - great service!"
Thanks for printing with us, and happy birthday!

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