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Sweet Meat Jerky


Sweet Meat Jerky started as a Kickstarter campaign in 2012. Founder George Livingston wanted to produce an organic and sustainably-packaged beef jerky, and after finding success with prototypes at local farmers' markets, he launched Sweet Meat Jerky. His campaign to 'reinvent jerky' surpassed funding targets and today the Nashville-based company has a contract with Whole Foods and Sweet Meat Jerky is sold in natural foods stores across the United States. Right on!

They recently printed a bright classic tabloid brochure to hand out with product samples and we think it looks great. George says:
"We use our newspaper to share our wonderful story with potential stores! When we meet someone, we give them a bag of jerky and a brochure. Our products speak for themselves, but this newspaper is a fun reminder that our company is young, fun, and ready to make an impact in natural foods."


Thanks for printing with us!

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