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Illustrated poetry of Behold the Shattered Dogs is "not for the faint of heart"


Artist Bill Rebholz and writer Elberto Mueller have teamed up to create Behold the Shattered Dogs, an illustrated poetry collection that they warn is "not for the faint of heart."

The digital tabloid zine pairs Rebholz's bright, idiosyncratic visuals with Mueller's offbeat poetry, which touches on subjects from homesickness to lost love to stolen sushi.


We asked Rebholz how the idea came about: "Both of us enjoy aimless doodling. Elberto would always share his writing with me, so eventually we kind of put it together that we should collaborate on something together."


"The drawings were definitely informed by the poems, some of them reflecting subject matter in the poems, and some slightly abstracted from any real meaning."


Rebholz's editorial work can be found in Die Weltwoche and GQ, among other places.  Mueller, based in Oakland, recently published his first book, 2009: An Autopsy.



There are still a few copies of the newspaper for sale on Rebholz's website – snap one up while you can.

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