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Newspaper of the Month: The Surreal Times

The Boy Who Eat Picasso, Oxford Playhouse. CREDIT Geraint Lewis

Our Newspaper of the Month for March is The Surreal Times, an interactive classic tabloid programme for an interactive theatre production. "The Boy Who Bit Picasso" is a new children's play from Edinburgh Fringe award winners The Untied Artists. It's based on the book by Tony Penrose (who did indeed bite Picasso) and it's on now at the Oxford Playhouse.


We love the playfulness of the programme, which was designed by Gareth Courage. He told us why a newspaper made sense for a hands-on show:

"The design of the paper has gone through several iterations. Over the past year, the play has been in pre-production and has been a collaboration between myself and the play's originators, Jake Olershaw and Jo Carr. Another version of the paper from last year is being used as a prop in the play and The Surreal Times has been adapted to work as a programme that was both interesting and informative to adults as well as being something children could take home and play with in the spirit of the artists the play is about."

The Boy Who Eat Picasso, Oxford Playhouse. CREDIT Geraint Lewis

"If people want a copy it will be given away free when you attend the play! So you will need to check if it is touring in your area."

Untied Artists1

"We think it’s really valuable to have a further interactive experience alongside our theatre show, and hope the newspaper will central to that. Hopefully it’s something that parents and children will both want to get their hands on."


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