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Toca Magazine takes SXSW


We're huge fans of Toca Boca. They're a play studio that makes beautifully-designed digital toys in the name of Pure Play: 'Play for the sake of play. Play without rules, levels or predetermined outcomes.'


Toca Boca had a booth at this year's SXSW gaming expo, where they invited visitors to plaster their white canvas surfaces with Toca stickers. In the end it looked something like this:


They also printed Toca Magazine for families to take home. It's a classic tabloid newspaper edition of their online magazine that 'engages parents and families on the topic of play in technology, culture and society.'


Toca Boca producer Andrew Lovold tell us: 'Launched in November 2014, Toca Magazine offers helpful articles, tips and expert advice on family life, kids’ development, and the positive impact play can have on creativity, social skills, physical health, cognitive development and more.' The pages are populated with Toca's delightful characters and it looks amazing. There's even a pull-out poster!


Toca is planning another print edition of their magazine soon, but for now you can sign up for an e-mail version of Toca Magazine Newsletter. Thank you for printing with us, Toca Boca!

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