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A Collection


Miriam Davies is a printmaker studying Fine Art at the Cardiff School of Art and Design. She keeps a beautiful online journal where she documents her visits to the beach at Southerndown and the wonderful objects and textures she finds there. She printed A Collection with us, a digital tabloid newspaper of some cherished (and mysterious) old photographs. We asked her to share the story behind her newspaper:

"A Collection was created in response to a project brief where I had to take found objects and create a narrative. Although the brief was new, the project had in fact started two years previously. I started collecting photographs out of an unusual moral obligation I felt towards protecting them. Purchased at various markets across the UK, once I had found them it became very difficult to leave them behind."

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"A Collection consists of 77 images; I do not know any of the people in the photographs nor where they originate. Any information I have gathered lies within the photographs themselves. As delicate, personal items I often wonder how these images were left behind and what strange fate led them into my possession."

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"My objective in A Collection was to question the value of a photograph, the stories behind them and the private moments shared. Although I purchased the photographs they still do not belong to me. Therefore I do not have the authority to display them. I thought by creating a newspaper they could be shared in a more private, one-to-one viewing rather than posted on the internet or displayed on a wall."

"The photographs were later used to create a body of work, exploring the variety of ways in which you can adjust and display a photograph while protecting the identity of the people."

You can find more of Miriam's work on her website. Thank you for printing your lovely project with us!

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