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Construction Castles and the architecture of scaffolding


Buildings sheathed in scaffolding tend to be overlooked or condemned as urban eyesores. But Lawrence Richards believes they're feats of architecture in their own right. Lawrence, a London-based creative designer, thinks we should take a closer look at these tarpaulin-cloaked structures and has assembled a collection of what he calls 'construction castles' in a digital tabloid newspaper. He published Construction Castles in The Newsagent last month.

"Construction Castles began as photography blog about the unrecognised beauty of construction, demolition, and temporary structures in London. It features original photography, comments, and links to articles within the field."


"The blog was born out of the desire to document these transitory edifices in the manner of a new form of architecture, both metamorphic and evocative, and certainly something worth looking at; rather than to be seen as a blot between an otherwise normal group of structures."


"In documenting these temporary forms I hope to inadvertently document London’s skyline as it constantly morphs and develops in whichever manner takes place."

Construction Castles is for sale in The Newsagent for £5, including shipping to the UK.

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