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Travels in newsprint: Project 1251818


Between 20 October and 4 November of 2013 Márton Kabai and his wife delivered newspapers as bicycle couriers in the Hague.


They kept a dutiful log of each route -- distance travelled, average speed, duration of journey, and even a weather report ('rain' on 28 October and 'partly cloudy night' on 1 November). Márton collected these notes and accompanying ephemera in a 64-page digital tabloid newspaper journal.


Souvenirs from their experience, like the banana that became a routine snack to gloves inky from newspaper handling, are scanned in alongside squiggly route maps and detailed metrics. 'It seemed appropriate to choose the newspaper format to tell the story of two newspaper deliverers,' Márton told us. We agree, and salute this fantastically exhaustive diary project!

You can see Project 1251818 in its 64-page entirety in The Newsagent.

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