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No Artificial Colours


We have a fondness for a certain tube-dispensed chocolate round here so we instinctively caught out No Artificial Colours in The Newsagent. It's a digital broadsheet of images printed in the distinctive 8-colour palette of Nestle's Smarties and comes with this enticing proposal: 'With enough Smarties at one's disposal – and room – the images can be reproduced by swapping pixels for Smarties.' London-based designer Roberto Christen is the mind behind the project. He says:

'No Artificial Colours is a feed of geo-tagged photographs of everyday things. Each photo is cropped square and downsampled into the playful 8-colour palette of Nestle's popular Smarties sugar-coated chocolate discs.'


'Two hundred and ten photos from the photo feed (some dating back several years) were chosen and printed on newsprint as a digital broadsheet journal. Unpacking and unfolding the journal yields three posters (52cm wide and 75cm tall) with a grid of 70 photos each.'


No Artificial Colours has its own website where you can scroll through all of the images. Thanks for printing your clever paper with us, Roberto!

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