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Food for thought


Here's a charming newspaper we printed recently. Le Flaneur is a thoughtful classic tabloid produced through a collaboration between The School Life and Le Pain Quotidien. The publication was introduced at a 'philosophy breakfast' held recently in Canary Wharf to discuss some great thinkers' thoughts on food and wine.


The cheery paper was designed by Lisa Sjukur of Studio April, who has this to say about the project:

'Le Flaneur is a light-hearted quarterly newspaper filled with articles on free time, fresh philosophical ideas, friendship and food. It was commissioned to ensure customers feel comfortable spending their time sitting, thinking, and talking -- creating a genuine 'community spirit'.

Articles cover the importance of staring out the window, cafe culture and existentialism, and why conversations are so boring. There's even a crossword!


And it's free - while supplies last, of course. Available at Le Pain Quotidien locations around London.

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