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An anniversary celebrated in newsprint

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Valentine's Day is coming up so we thought we'd share this lovingly-made newspaper that Tif Hunter created for his parents' 65th wedding anniversary. It's a simple and effective paper – a selection of family photos carefully laid out so that each spread shows his folks at the same age, before their marriage, on opposite pages. Then a photo of the two of them together, taking up a full spread, with the final pages of the paper showing the happy pair on their wedding day. Beautifully done.

Tif writes:

"As my parents are 90 and 89 and still very much sound of mind (if not  completely of body), it felt very important to mark their 65th wedding  anniversary with something tangible for both them and the rest of family. Such an achievement of years no longer has a tag such as “golden” or “diamond” and they wanted just to assemble the immediate family (children plus spouses and grandchildren) for a celebratory lunch."

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"A few weeks before I had plundered their photograph albums on some innocent pretext and proceeded to copy a selection of images that gave a brief story of their life up to their wedding in 1949."

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"Creating the 36 pages of the Anniversary newspaper, using Newspaper Club’s template ARTHR couldn’t have been easier. I had great feedback on my first test copy from the people at Newspaper Club and after a few tweaks submitted the final draft and order for 25 copies. These were “delivered” with the dessert at the lunch and were loved by all."


"It gave not just something special for my parents, but a great document for my children and their cousins to keep and know more about their amazing grandparents."

Thanks for sharing your project with us, Tif!

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