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Newspaper of the Month: Asphalt Chronicles

Baptist Court, Manila

Our Newspaper of the Month for June is Asphalt Chronicles, a stunning photographic tribute to playground basketball. Photographer Kevin Couliau began documenting the sport from his hometown in France in 2004, and has since visited over 50 countries in what he calls a 'photographic pilgrimage' to capture the essence of the game.



His photographs highlight the unique architecture of the pick-up basketball court, celebrating the variety of landscapes and cultures that make up a global community. Kevin writes:

This is not about NCAA, NBA or the PROS. This is not about the show, coaches and performance. This is not about money, sponsors and media.

It's about the true essence of basketball, this universal movement taking place on the playgrounds: pick-up basketball. Everyday, millions of souls haunt the courts with passion, love and dedication. Some compete for the pride and social status earned on the blacktop, others use it to heal the wounds or escape the daily routine.



Issue #01 features Manila, the capital and second largest city of the Philippines and what Kevin calls "the true Mecca of basketball on earth." The 24-page digital tabloid is limited to 150 copies. It's a lovely piece of work and comes in a hand-crafted package with a wax seal.



Asphalt Chronicles is a self-funded and independent publication. You can buy a copy through the Asphalt Chronicles website and you can also follow the project on Instagram. Look out for more issues, each highlighting a different city, to be published soon. Thank you for printing with us, Kevin!

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