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Newspaper of the Month: Forgotten Skills

alfred webb crop

May's Newspaper of the Month is Forgotten Skills from Falmouth art student Natalie Philpott. It's a lovely digital tabloid documenting a skill sharing project inspired by a photograph of Natalie's great-great-great-grandfather, Alfred Webb, pictured standing alongside a cart advertising his domestic engineering business. The writing on the front of the cart lists his skills to include glass and china riveting and saw sharpening - services that are rarely seen advertised today. Natalie decided to organise a community event to bring attention to such 'forgotten skills.'

She says:

The photograph immediately got me thinking about traditional skills such as darning socks, knitting, bread making and saw sharpening and how these and many others are at risk of being forgotten in our current society. I began to contemplate the possibility of locating people who have traditional skills, with a desire of bringing them together in some way.

pic of beer mats for journal

Once I had gathered a community of people with these skills, by a variety of means such as flyers, newspaper adverts and printed beermats (pictured above) placed in local pubs, I decided to hold a skill sharing event in a local hall.  I also decided that it would be an interesting touch to the project if I re-created my great grandfather's cart and took this around various locations as a means of promoting my  forthcoming event.

me with cart

During the event, people were invited to come in and exchange conversation with people who have traditional skills, as well as having the opportunity of learning a new skill themselves.


I decided to document this project, through the use of creating my own newspaper, which will then be distributed during my final degree exhibition this June.  Archiving my work into the local newspapers has become an important aspect to my work and, as such, creating my own newspaper seemed like the perfect mode of documentation. I am very happy with the final outcome of my paper.


I found ARTHR extremely clear and easy to use, especially considering creating a newspaper is something which is completely new to me. I would also like to mention that Newspaper Club in general have been a very helpful and efficient company to work with and I would definitely recommended anyone to use them.

You can download Forgotten Skills in The Newsagent to read the full story. Thank you for printing with us, Natalie!

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