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Two newspapers from Both Associates

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Second anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with paper (in the UK anyway) so it is fitting that design studio Both Associates decided to mark their two-year milestone with a newspaper. They created a thoughtfully-designed digital tabloid of highlights from their first two years of work, from illustrating company Christmas cards to developing a brand identity for their own local coffee shop.  It is a great-looking portfolio to show to clients and a memento to keep for themselves.




The South London YMCA Annual Report is one of the big projects included in the anniversary newspaper. Both Associates printed the financial report as a newspaper, in which the story of the SLYMCA is told through full-page black and white portraits and interviews with the people who benefit from the range of services the SLYMCA provide:

For this years Annual Report for South London YMCA we felt the newspaper format lent itself to the grassroots approach to telling the story of the SLYMCA. It's a straightforward medium, stripped of pretence, yet the larger format also allowed us to transform the portraits into something which conveys the quiet heroism of those who are striving to improve their lives, even when the odds seem overwhelmingly stacked against them.



Both lovely papers. You can see more photographs of the newspapers, and some of Both Associates' other work, on their Behance and website. Happy birthday Both Associates and thank you for printing with us!

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