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Travels in newsprint: The Maltese Bulletin

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Anthony Smyrski is the founder of design studio Smyrski Creative and creative director for Next City and City Limits magazines. The bright cover of his newspaper, The Maltese Bulletin, caught our eye in the The Newsagent.

It's an improved tabloid documenting highlights from his more than 19,000 mile journey through 18 countries to find out "how cities and travel affect the practices of artists, writers, musicians, and other creative people." It's a journal and travel guide and creative catalogue all in one, filled with photos and stories and lists such as "Our favourite ways to get around" (which includes the Shinkansen bullet train in Tokyo and a Vespa scooter in Philadelphia).

It's a natural and engaging way to show off work alongside experiences that inspired it. And it's a just plain good looking newspaper. Here's what Anthony had to say about it:

I'd been doing a lot of traveling over the past year working on a book project about creativity, cities and travel. I was able to visit so many amazing places and meet with a number of great writers, designers, artists performers and thinkers. I had all of this material for the book ready, but I also knew it would be a while before I was able to actually write and produce the book, so I filed the photos and thoughts away for the time being.

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Over the holidays I found myself in Malta on a short vacation with a friend. While there I had the idea to make some sort of promotional piece for my design studio. I thought, why not use all of the stuff from my recent travel and combine it with some recent projects. I woke up early one morning and went to a cafe in Valetta and made the Malta Bulletin. I had so many ideas it came together so easily!

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I had known about Newspaper Club for some time, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to put their services to use. I'm super happy with the quality, turnaround time and price. I love sharing my recent work and travel stories with people in the form of a newspaper!

You can see more of Anthony's work on his website. Thank you for printing with us!

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