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Bright pages for Connected Cities


Smart cities need smart newspapers. Connected Cities is an eye-catching digital tabloid that showcases both, created by graphic designer Katy Scott. She says:

This tabloid newspaper, printed on 80gsm, was produced on behalf of leading transport consultancy Steer Davies Gleave, to accompany the Route To Smarter Cities conference on 20th February 2014. The content of Connected Cities explores the many issues raised by the desire to make cities both more attractive and more efficient.


The large format of the tabloid provided the perfect canvas to promote our approach to what we believe a smart city to be, allowing for large vibrant images (the tips on colour and the colour matrix from the sample book we received were very helpful) and some white space (!)  to make it enticing for the reader. Newspaper Club did a great job with the printing -- very quick and it  just what we were after.


Thanks for printing with us!

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