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Old-fashioned and radical

It's great to see Newsweek relaunching their print publication, which they shut down only 14 months ago. This time around, they're going for a luxurious premium product, perfect to sink into and enjoy at the weekend.

Nieman Journalism Lab has more:

The newest Newsweek strategy is both old-fashioned and radical. It’s old-fashioned in the sense that it is reviving a ghost print brand with printing presses on two continents. It’s radical in its pricing. Even the high-flying, high-quality weekly New Yorker only charges about $79 a year, while Time goes for $30 and The (monthly) Atlantic for about $25. Newsweek is going way beyond those prices.

The print launch is all wrapped up in a lovely package, led by magazine veteran Jim Impoco. In fact, that package — with design by Robert Priest and Grace Lee — seems almost anachronistic, a throwback to another era of plush and flush magazines. In a sense, the newest Newsweek is trying to create its own category: NewsLuxe.

From publishers like Pitchfork, to our own Long Good Read collaboration with the Guardian, it feels like 2014 is the year that the big 'digital first' publishers realise that print's still brilliant, and does lots that the digital publication can't.

Shameless pitch time

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