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The ghosts of Krantje Loulé

foto-3Marjan Van den Berghe is a visual artist based in Antwerp. Her newspaper, Krantje Loulé, is a rather haunting collection of black and white photographs taken in Portugal in the 1980s. The ghostly nature of the images really comes through in newsprint-- it feels a bit like looking through a long lost scrapbook. We asked Marjan about her project:

I made this paper for my Portuguese friend, Fernando Correia Mendes (pictured below). He had an exibition in Antwerp, Belgium, where you could admire some of his daily drawings. I thought it would be nice if visitors could find out about his splendid photographic work too.


I found a book too conventional and expensive and looked for something more fragile, more enchanting, something that is more appropriate in look and feel. A journal, 'een krantje' as we say in Flemish, would be perfect! I teach graphic design at an art school in Brussels and we had one made for our summer exibition last year, so I already knew about Newspaper Club and their excellent services.

Fernando has thousands and thousands of photo negatives and it wasn't easy to choose. The sometimes bizarre pictures that ended up in the paper are all from one specific period in the 80s, of the places and people in a small town in the Algarve, Loulé. A lot of these places have been demolished since then-- people, ants and dogs died or left. Fernando's dream is to have an big exhibition in this town with a range of the best pictures he took, invite everyone, and confront them with the ghosts of their past.


The pictures are accompanied by writings of Fernando Pessoa, Portugal's best known poet.

We found this poem particularly lovely:

To be great, be whole: don't exaggerate
Or leave out any part of you.
Be complete in each thing. Put all you are
Into the last of your acts.
So too in each lake, with it's lofty life,
The whole moon shines

You can see more of Marjan's work on her website. Thank you for printing with us!

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