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UC. Quarterly 3


A new issue of UC. Quarterly is here! It's issue number three, and looks just as smart as the first two issues we printed for Austin-based design team UnderConsideration. As with the previous issues, each copy of UC. Quarterly comes wrapped in its own unique, hand-stamped cover, salvaged from their letterpress makereadys.


UC. Quarterly is a traditional mini gathering together projects published across UnderConsideration's network of blogs, which for this latest issue means hand-drawn menus, Japanese manhole covers and Jupiler beer coasters modified by typographers are all featured. You can watch their lovely preview video to get an idea of what's inside:

We asked founder Armin Vit if he had anything more to say about it:

By now, the third issue, we've worked out most of the kinks and issues in coordinating the sizes and thicknesses of the bodies with the covers that can come from up to five different printers. We've also minimized the time it takes to hand-assemble and print the covers with unconventional tricks.


For example: the rubber bands need to be stretched slightly so that they lose some of their tension and not crumple the covers; we used to stretch 3 or 5 at a time with our hands, now we take 15 or 20 at a time, hook them to a fire extinguisher outside our house and pull them all at once, using gloves since the bands leave a lot of residue when stretched. Fun, right?!


UC. Quarterly 3 is available in the UnderConsideration webshop while supplies last and you can keep up with UnderConsideration on Twitter.

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