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Norwegian Rain looks good in bad weather with a stylish broadsheet

Petrichor traditional broadsheet fashion catalogue newspaper

The stylish coats from Norwegian Rain look good in bad weather. They specialise in "hard core functional outerwear" – super slick raincoats for the sensibly fashionable.

Based in Bergen, the rainiest city in Europe, they've published their latest lookbook as a traditional broadsheet. It's called Petrichor, a lovely word that means "the smell of rain on dry earth." We think it fits in well in their Bergen shop:

Petrichor newspaper in the Norwegian Rain shop in Bergen

"The broadsheet newspaper format reflects our traditional approach," says Norwegian Rain branding guru Gaute Tenold Aase, of Anti & Grandpeople. "It also plays on Japanese sensibility – which in simple terms means shaving off excesses and focusing on the relevant."

Petrichor traditional broadsheet fashion catalogue newspaper

It's a rather fitting move for designers of rainwear to make use of a broadsheet – the classic, if not particularly high tech, way of keeping dry. We keep a copy handy in our Glasgow office in case of unexpected showers.

Learn more about our traditional broadsheet newspapers. Big enough to hide behind, with plenty of room to say everything you need to say. A proper newspaper, printed on a traditional press.

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