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A Million Random Digits

Some of us Newspaper Clubbers have decided to make newspapers for Father's Day this year. But before we start, I wanted to share the newspaper I made over Christmas with you all.


I'd heard about this book a while back (please scroll down and read the reviews - they are brilliant), and had been eyeing it up as a potential Christmas present for my mathematician sister. Christmas is a wild and exciting affair in my household.


So when I found out that you could download the text, and Tom said he needed someone to test out ARTHR II, it was as though the planets had aligned.


As it turns out 1,000,000 digits in any order was a bit too much for poor ARTHR to handle at first, regardless of their irregularity. But we got there in the end, and now ARTHR can take as many thousands of digits as you care to throw at it, and arrange them for you quickly, easily, and beautifully.

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