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Portraits by Tom Oldham


This is Tom Oldham's paper, featuring some big names in some very big photographs. Normally when we see this kind of thing coming in to the print queue I get a little panicked, because printing photographs to newsprint can be hard. But when it works, it looks AMAZING!

We asked him how he prepared his photos for printing, so we could pass on some advice to others attempting similar feats. He came back to us with this solid gold list of advice which is so right on I want to print and frame it:


- Though mentioned on the site, definitely up the contrast of your images and up blacks a little more than screen resolution.  Images in print may appear a tad flatter than anticipated, though I was aware of this and consider it in the edit. You can't really test it so err on the side of caution.

- Don't rush the edit. Consider it, then leave it and come back to it. It'll change, evolve, develop.

- Use the space. The subtleties are lost in this format I think, so go big. It's great to see your shots landing large on a DPS.

- Tabloid newsprint is REALLY nice.

- The service is great at Newspaper Club so if in doubt, ask. They will always answer and are friendly too.

- Get it right, but don't worry so much. This is newsprint, it's not forever so go with your gut and enjoy a format that is very forgiving. People don't expect perfection in a newspaper - excitement, strength, fun, enthusiasm and dynamism is strongly favoured.

Thanks Tom!


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