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Print Roundup: January 2018

Newspaper Club January Print Roundup

It's February! How are your resolutions holding up? We're not here to make you feel bad if you've already given up that gym routine (80% of people have!) But we are here to help you make a newspaper, if that's something you're aiming to do in 2018.

Start with some inspiration from the first batch of newspapers we printed this year. Scroll on for a type specimen inspired by Grace Jones, an illustrated cookbook of family recipes and photography for The New York Times.

90s Model Type Specimen Newspaper by Marysia Cebula

Sense Blackletter Type Specimen

Digital tabloid printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

Inspired by the gothic masthead of French newspaper Le Monde, design student Marysia Cebula created the “modern and feminine” typeface Sense Blackletter. “I wanted it to be very sexy and bold,” Cebula says of the type specimen, which features vintage portraits of Susan Sarandon and Grace Jones shot by photographer Chris Von Wangenheim.


Paisana Books

Digital tabloid printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

Paisana Books is an independent publishing house in Madrid, specialising in zines and photobooks from emerging artists. This newspaper explores the inspirations behind the project – ranging from Japanese poet Fujiwara no Teika to German choreographer Sigurd Leeder – and the large newspaper format offers “visibility to a new generation of creative women whose work has been ignored.”

Design Calendar Newspaper

Design Calendar

Digital mini printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

Keeping up with design events in London just got easier, thanks to Design Calendar. Founded by Anton Wade and Gala Blasco, it’s a new platform collecting all the best creative events in London in one handy place. The first issue debuted as a digital mini and they’ll be switching up the format every month.

Un Vase newspaper by ADRIEN JACQUEMET

Un Vase

Digital tabloid printed on 90gsm bright paper

In Un Vase, French illustrator Adrien Jacquemet uses a simple combat narrative to experiment with drawing forms. The sparse colour palette and surreal setting produces an oddly beautiful result.

Pop Bagel newspaper

Pop Bagel

Digital tabloid printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

To announce the opening of a new Pop Bagel location in Portland, Oregon, design studio Central Office (last featured here for their Wahlr broadsheet) printed a fun tabloid to spread the word.

Charlie Rubin photography newspaper

Charlie Rubin portfolio

Digital mini printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

Photographer Charlie Rubin is used a tabloid to showcase recent commissioned and editorial work, featuring work for Vice, The New Yorker and the above portrait of David Hockney shot for The New York Times. “I love the texture of newsprint and I think it fits well with my imagery,” Rubin says. He also offers some sage advice: “The biggest challenge is getting the color and tones right. I usually bump up my shadows to compensate for lighter printing on newsprint.”

MYL Mitgliederzeitung Salmon newspaper

MYL Mitgliederzeitung

Traditional tabloid printed on 45gsm salmon newsprint

We love this stellar cover of MYL Mitgliederzeitung, the members’ magazine of the Society of Music Merchants. It’s designed by Melanie Torney and published on newsprint because the format is “modern and vintage at the same time – like [the music instrument] business.”

Dans la Cuisine de o Mami foodie newspaper printed by Newspaper Club

Dans la cuisine de O Mami

Digital tabloid printed on 90gsm bright paper

Lyon-based designer Margaux Bourelly created a charming gift for her family by turning her grandmother’s recipes into a collage-style cookbook. “I see this as a collaboration between my grandmother and me,” says Bourelly, who scanned old photos and handwritten notes for dishes like fondue Bacchus and ouefs mimosa and paired them with her playful style of illustration.

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