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Photography Week: Sport in Print

Photography promo by Fevrier Arnaud, showcasing his series "Cheerleaders". Make your own newspaper with Newspaper Club.

We've got our eyes on the prize for Photography Week, with a look at some trophy-worthy sports newspapers. Featuring sun-soaked polo players, French daredevil cheerleaders and Olympic athletes with a twist.

Olympic Dreams, a newspaper inspired by the history and politics of the Olympic Games, by artists Jackie Brown, Leonie Cronin, Laura Moreton-Griffiths and Kim Thornton. Make your own newspaper with Newspaper Club.

Digital tabloid Olympic Dreams by Jackie Brown, Leonie Cronin, Laura Moreton-Griffiths and Kim Thornton.
Olympic Dreams

Olympic Dreams tackles themes of politics and propaganda, inclusivity and equality, achievement and restriction in sport. Artists Jackie Brown, Leonie Cronin, Laura Moreton-Griffiths and Kim Thornton collaborated on the photo series after residencies at Crystal Palace Athletics Stadium and Ladywell Arena in south London. They published the work in a digital tabloid shortly after the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Copies of the newspaper were distributed around London, including at South London Gallery, Photofusion, Dulwich Picture Gallery, Tate Modern and the Whitechapel Gallery.

Photography promo newspaper by Fevrier Arnaud, showcasing his series "Cheerleaders". Make your own newspaper with Newspaper Club.

Traditional tabloid Les Filles en l'Air by Arnaud Février
Les Filles en l'Air

Photographer Arnaud Février followed a local cheerleading team, from training to competition, to produce his series "Les Filles en l'Air" – "Girls in the Air".

The images in this traditional tabloid capture the confidence of the cheerleaders as they perform dangerous stunts with joy – "The Fly", for example, is projected more than 5 meters into the air "and falls into the arms of her partners smiling," he tells us.

Février sent his promo to clients at the start of the year, delivered in a hand-stamped mailer (pictured at the top of this post). He used the front of the mailer to showcase an image that didn't make it into the promo – a cake, topped with a bow, baked by a cheerleader's mum – but which Février felt "was an integral part of the story, and represents the universe of cheerleaders."

Newspaper design by Louise Demerdjibachian.

Photography newsprint promo by sports photographer Fab Fernandez. Print your own newspaper with Newspaper Club.

Digital mini Fab Fernandez by Fab Fernandez.
Fab Fernandez

LA-based photographer Fab Fernandez captures the elegance of sport in his self-titled digital mini promo. Using one newspaper Fernandez cleverly created two publications – halfway through, readers flip the newspaper around for a separate set of images. (Front or back covers, depending where you start, pictured above.)

One half of the publication shows sun-soaked water polo players waiting patiently for a game to start, looking almost as if they were on a poolside holiday – if not for their team-branded swim caps. Fernandez emphasises atmosphere over action, focusing on textures in the water and sky.

Black-and-white portraits of tennis players, runners and boxers make up the other half of the newspaper, showcasing Fernandez’s range as a photographer.

Newspaper design by Edward Taylor.

Serena Williams photography newspaper by Nicholas Laham. Make and print your own newspaper at

Traditional tabloid Serena by Nick Laham.

“I like sports because the authenticity of an un-staged moment is great,” Nick Laham told AI-AP in an interview last year.

In this traditional tabloid newspaper – an office favourite – the Brooklyn-based photographer serves up intimate and energetic portraits of tennis legend Serena Williams. Newsprint is the perfect medium for longer, reportage-style photography, says Laham, who sent the portfolio to his roster of agencies and editorial clients.

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