Print Roundup: November

Roundup: Newspapers we printed in November 2016.

Posters, portfolios and pannapictagraphists (the tongue-twisting term for comic book collectors) – it's all in our November print roundup! Read on to see the newspapers that caught our eye last month.

“Good News” newspaper by DEI Creative. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Good News by DEI Creative

Traditional broadsheet printed on 52gsm recycled newsprint

For their year-end mailer, Seattle-based branding, print and interactive firm DEI Creative printed Good News – a "rose-coloured treatise on the past 366 days." In it, they share some cheering things that happened in 2016 –  like a solar plane flying around the world and the first flower blooming at the International Space Station's veggie facility (a zinnia, snapped by Expedition 46 Commander Scott Kelly). The broadsheet folds out into a big poster to pin up as a reminder that "progress and goodness still have a seat at the table."

Serena Williams photography newspaper by Nicholas Laham. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Serena by Nicholas Laham

Traditional tabloid printed on 52gsm recycled newsprint

Brooklyn-based sports photographer Nicholas Laham serves up intimate and energetic portraits of Serena Williams in this large-format visual diary. Newsprint is the perfect medium for longer, reportage-style photography, says Laham, who sent the portfolio to his roster of agencies and editorial clients.

Goodhood Seasonal News newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Seasonal News – Goodhood A/W16 by Goodhood

Traditional tabloid printed on 70gsm improved newsprint

"We put out a lot of digital content and it's so important for us to also have a tangible product to showcase the work we do," says London-based streetwear supplier Goodhood. They've been printing lookbooks with us since 2011, and are comfortable pushing the boundaries of the newspaper format. "We were particularly happy with printing the whole front cover black, which I am sure would not be recommended," Goodhood's Kyle Stewart told us. "We dealt with any bleed through by printing a brand graphic on the inside front cover – it sets a good tone for the rest of the paper.”

Shiraz Arts Festival newspaper by Kian Ansari. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Shiraz Arts Festival by Kian Ansari

Digital broadsheet printed on 55gsm newsprint

The Shiraz Arts Festival, a celebration of Iranian musicians, directors, and artists, took place in Shiraz every summer from 1967 to 1977. With this double-sided newsprint poster, graphic designer Kian Ansari imagines the festival in a contemporary setting. The idea behind reviving the festival, he says, is to "bridge the gap between conservative and liberal Iran and rejuvenate arts and culture within its borders." On one side of the poster (pictured above) is Andy Warhol's 1978 portrait of Iran's Queen Farah Pahlavi, who spearheaded the original festival.

Cecilie Telle A/W 2016 lookbook newspaper by Ruby Woodhouse. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Cecilie Telle A/W 2016 Lookbook by Ruby Woodhouse

Digital tabloid printed on 55gsm newsprint

Journey into the Scandinavian wilderness with this lookbook for Norwegian designer Cecilie Telle, photographed by Ruby Woodhouse. The newspaper formed part of a collaborative window display at Momosan Shop in London (you can spy it here). Woodhouse likes newsprint because it's both "precious and useable" – not unlike Cecilie Telle's handmade and felted accessories.
Holiday catalogue for Gap. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Holiday Gift Guide by Gap

Traditional tabloid printed on 70gsm bright

Here's a cosy holiday catalogue we printed for Gap, showing off their shimmery, wooly gift ideas. Look out for it in Gap shops across France, Italy and the UK. We stopped by Gap in Glasgow last month to check it out in its natural habitat.

Snake illustrated newspaper by Landon Sheely. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Snake by Landon Sheely

Digital tabloid printed on 55gsm newsprint

We love this double-sided poster from artist Landon Sheely, who tells us he printed the newspaper "in solidarity with Standing Rock – to get the word out and hopefully raise a little awareness to the struggle in North Dakota."

Good Stuff newspaper by Rawww. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Good Stuff by Rawww

Digital tabloid printed on 55gsm newsprint

Good Stuff is exactly that – a roundup of the best projects from Coventry-based creative agency Rawww. "We use the Good Stuff newspaper to showcase the insightful and inspiring work we create and admire," says Rawww's Theo Louca. This is the third issue we've printed, and Good Stuff keeps getting better.

To Collect newspaper by Lauren Conti. Printed by Newspaper Club.

To Collect by Lauren Conti

Digital tabloid printed on 55gsm newsprint

One person's trash is another's treasured collection of used lottery tickets (and that person is called a lotologist, by the way). Using photography and articles sourced from publications like Collector's Weekly and The New York Times, Conti explores what and why people collect. To Collect is a fascinating flip through a collection of collections (Is there a name for that?).

The St. James's Correspondent by dn&co. Printed by Newspaper Club.

The St James's Correspondent by dn&co

Traditional tabloid printed on 70gsm improved newsprint

A new issue of The Correspondent is always cause for celebration. Produced by London creative agency dn&co, the publication champions the food, fashion, art and culture happening in the St James's neighbourhood of central London. As always, it's worth picking up for the cover alone – this festive design is by Australian illustrator Niki Fischer.

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