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8 Festive Uses For Newspaper

Advent holiday newspaper by Mariell Oyre. Printed by Newspaper Club.

From calendars to wrapping paper to recipe books – there are stacks of ways to use newspaper to create something fun and unexpected for the holidays. Here are 8 festive ideas from Newspaper Club customers.

1. Design your own wrapping paper

Newspaper Holiday Wrapping Paper

Make your gifts stand out under the tree – turn favourite photos or drawings into custom wrapping paper. Fill the pages of your newspaper with one design or create a series of posters with different designs. Print runs for digital broadsheets start at just 1 copy – here's how Made By Emblem used theirs for some snazzy wrapping.

2. Revisit forgotten photos

Birthday newspaper by Michaela Pointon. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Dust off your old photo albums (or scroll through your camera roll) to turn forgotten photos into a newspaper. It's easy to make your own with our free layout tool, ARTHR. No design experience needed – just upload your images and drop them into a print-ready template. Flexible print runs mean you can print one very special copy or enough for the whole family.

3. Kickstart the new year

Newspaper calendar by Joe Granato. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Get a head start on the new year – create a calendar with important dates (like birthdays, anniversaries and travel plans) already filled in. Mark each month with a favourite image or quote – or, if you're feeling philosophical, a musing on the passage of time, like Joe Granato's Give or Take a Year project above. Makes a great gift for the scatterbrained and the super organised.

4. Collect holiday memories

Noel holiday newspaper by Pierre-Antoine Arlot. Printed by Newspaper Club.

With family all over the world, Pierre-Antoine Arlot created a holiday reunion in the pages of a newspaper. He filled a digital tabloid with festive recipes, memories and photographs to "capture the stories that might have been forgotten." Newspapers are easy to fold and light to mail, perfect for sharing with the family – wherever they are.

5. Share your love of the season


Wedding photographer Mariell Øyre put together a magazine with everything she loves about Christmas – grandma's recipes, DIY decorations and home-for-the-holidays activities like crossword puzzles and trivia. "It's the ultimate feel-good magazine to keep by your beside at advent time," she says.

6. Print for a good cause


Melbourne-based Famous Visual Services (now Forde + Nicol) worked with local artists to put an Australian spin on the classic 12 Days of Christmas (think: a kookaburra in a gum tree). In true holiday spirit, they donated proceeds from their newspaper to a children’s playground in a local housing project.

7. Celebrate festive creativity

Kai and Cyn newspaper holiday catalogue. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Design studio Cai and Kyn printed a "journal of Christmas creativity" to offer an alternative view of Christmas "devoid of any commercial influences." They collaborated with designers and illustrators, who contributed their own versions of the ubiquitous Christmas jumper and holiday-themed essays. Cai and Kyn were so pleased with the results that they organised an exhibition at the Breese Little Gallery in Clerkenwell to showcase the results.

8. Ask your kids to review the year

Amazing Fantastic Year in Review Newspaper by Lost My Name. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Here's a fun end-of-year project: follow Lost My Name's lead and invite your kids to illustrate their year. The Amazing Fantastic Year in Review asked kids aged 4 - 7 to weigh in on the big news stories ("The birth of Princess Charlotte – she weighed the same as a hedgehog") and predict the year to come ("There will be more like this because people are ridiculous"). Kids love seeing their work in print and it's a unique keepsake for family and friends.

Family newspaper

The holidays can sneak up on you – get planning early! Check out our different formats and start making.

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