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Roundup: 8 Graphic design projects in newsprint


Graphic Design Festival Scotland is underway here in Glasgow and the festival buzz around the office gave us an excuse to revisit some of the best graphic design projects we've printed.

Tealer by Margarida Borges and Julián Muñoz

Working on a Master in Graphic Design at ELISAVA in Barcelona, Margarida Borges and Julián Muñoz developed branding for an eco-conscious tea company called Tealer. They created a digital tabloid publication, which includes the striking pull-out poster below, as a way to "escape the traditional approach to tea." Filled with essays, interviews and photography, Tealer presents an engaging look at the world of tea while also fitting with brand's ethos by being recyclable.

Graphic design newspaper for tea concept Tealer

Shillington Post by Shillington

Shillington offers intensive graphic design courses at campuses around the world. To showcase "a little part of our industry’s passion and creativity" they print traditional tabloid Shillington Post. The second issue, published in July 2015, was all about America, with features on the architecture and design of McDonald's and a roundup of 50 awesome inventions from the USA – plus interviews with Shillington teachers about their favourite American designers.

Shillington Post newspaper printed by Newspaper Club

Some Things I Have Made by Matt Chase

Freelance designer Matt Chase's work spans a wide gamut – from editorial illustration to book design to LEGO Wes Anderson characters. He needed a large-format portfolio to gather his best projects in one place, and chose a digital tabloid newspaper. We love Chase's decision to overlay examples of his work with a friendly introduction – and his prospective clients liked it, too. "I had several art directors call me the moment they received the piece," he told us. "Honestly, I barely expected the piece to garner enough commissions to cover the cost of printing, but I can happily say that it’s paid for itself nearly ten times over."
Matt Chase graphic design newspaper portfolio

Manifesta't by Martí Gisbert, Lorena Manhães and Fardoe Ruitenberg

Combining digital tabloid and digital broadsheet newspapers, Barcelona-based designers Martí Gisbert, Lorena Manhães and Fardoe Ruitenberg created a publication to get lost in. They filled the huge pages of a broadsheet with topographic textures that unfold like the sheets of a map. The accompanying essays reflect on Guy Debord's ideas of psychogeography and city mapping.

Manifesta't graphic design newspaper exploring Guy Debord and randomness. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Cook It Yourself by James Brook

Responding to the trend of glossy, coffee table cookbooks, designer James Brook created Cook It Yourself – a recipe-filled digital tabloid that's better suited for the kitchen. Made with the messiness of cooking in mind, it's designed "to be spilled on, cut or torn up and written on" says Brook. The large-format recipes can also be turned into posters – handy to paste up and consult as you go.


Creativity = Courage by Ben Weeks and Underline Studio

In 2013, photographer and Colours co-founder Oliviero Toscani gave a speech about creativity and design at the 92nd Art Director’s Club. Illustrator Ben Weeks worked with Underline Studio to bring the words to life in a two-part newsprint publication: four hand-lettered posters printed on traditional broadsheet and a traditional tabloid transcript of the speech. The Art Director’s Club sent the publication to creatives around the world to promote the 93rd awards in 2014.


Great White Lies by Harry Lee

Intrigued by his fear of sharks, designer Harry Lee wanted to uncover the source of this common phobia. "My research astounded me," he says. "The media has had such a negative impact on the shark's public image." His digital tabloid Great White Lies is a powerful rebuttal of myths about sharks and a beautifully designed piece of print. The newspaper is now stocked in surf shops, with proceeds going to shark protection charities.

Great White Lies, a newspaper to dispel myth surrounding sharks from grapic desinger Harry Lee

Holy Summer Hell by Joe Granato

Over the course of three trips to California, Brooklyn-based art director Joe Granato created the short writings and photography that make up his atmospheric digital tabloid Holy Summer Hell. Exploring themes of paradise and vacation nostalgia, Granato's vignettes trace his travels through "the humid backstreets of Venice Beach to the haunted sprawling landscapes of the Mojave desert."


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