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Exhibition: 1920s Jazz Age Fashion & Photographs at the Fashion and Textiles Museum

Newspaper catalogue for Jazz Age exhibition at Fashion and Textile Museum in London

We printed a stylish handout for the Fashion and Textiles Museum's new exhibition, 1920s Jazz Age Fashion & Photographs. The exhibition showcases over 150 vintage garments from 1919 to 1929 – think plush velvet capes, silk pyjamas and glittery gowns. How better to capture the feel of the Roaring Twenties than with a newspaper – just like the flappers used to read.

Flappers reading a newspaper

The 4-page traditional tabloid, designed by Chris Collicott of Madalena Studio, offers a quick history lesson about the dizzying social climate of the 1920s that prompted changing attitudes towards fashion. A lovely piece of print to bring home after taking in "the glamour, excess, frivolity and modernity" of the Jazz Age.

Traditional tabloid catalogue for 1920s Jazz Age Fashion & Photographs at the Fashion and Textiles Museum.

1920s Jazz Age Fashion & Photographs exhibition. Image courtesy of the Fashion and Textiles Museum.

You can pick up a copy of the newspaper at 1920s Jazz Age Fashion & Photographs, which runs until 15 January 2017 at the Fashion and Textiles Museum, 83 Bermondsey Street, London SE1.

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