Newsprint single from The Famines out today!


Here's a first for us: Canadian band The Famines have released some new music on what they're calling a 'paper single.' They've printed a digital broadsheet double-sided Famines art poster that comes with instructions to download their two new tracks. Get the poster, get the music.

The poster was designed by illustrator and Famines frontman Raymond Biesinger (whose brilliant work you may recognise from publications like Lucky Peach and The New Yorker). He says:
"The gist of why Newspaper Club made sense for this: pressing vinyl records is getting ridiculously expensive, especially for bands of our size. A band like us making a very unique object that's printable in small runs, inexpensive, impressive, and cheap to mail and can hold the information (ie. URL/code infos) for an online download could be really smart.It seemed like we're the right band to format experiment and combine the visual/paper with the digital/music."

The newsprint single is all yours for $5 in-person, or mailed to your Canadian door for $7 all-inclusive, mailed to your American door for $8, or mailed to your international door for $11. Available through Psychic Handshake Recordings.

Fingers crossed for a full paper album in the future!

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