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Hide and Seek

This is Malin Gewinner's newspaper, “Schein Korrelation.”

One of the problems inherent in printing digital colour newspapers is show-through.

Because of the nature of newsprint, it can sometimes be hard to get the balance right between images that are saturated enough, yet don't cause too much interference with the following page. There's a delicate equilibrium at work!

So it was interesting for us to see someone experimenting with this, using well placed white panels and heavy black and blue text and shapes to exploit the digital paper's flaws for their own benefit.

Malin explains: “The actual topic of the newspaper is "Spurious Correlation." (In German it's called something like "Sham-Correlation.")

Each page features a headline taken from various newspapers. The claims seem reasonable on the surface, but each contains a hidden logical error, often due to false or misleading interpretation of recently published statistical findings."

“To visualise the errors I used show-throughs. The reader will notice the faulty headline first, but upon closer inspection is presented with a counter-claim and a text explaining possible corresponding hidden mechanisms linking the seemingly correlating parameters.”

It's an elegant way to discuss the way we process news, and the problems with taking something at face value.

Food for thought!

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