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About this newspaper

The concept originates from looking at a newspaper article discussing women as metaphorically wearing men’s trousers in life and how women are supposedly equal to men. My original starting point was looking at women in dominating roles in magazines, as muses and how easily they can be and are portrayed as sexual objects. In addition to my research I looked at Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin styles of work respectively.
As well as photography, I looked at controversial topics like fetishism; the role women take on inside that sub group. I looked at Nova magazine, one of the first magazines to be innovative and creative with provocative stories. Although feminism plays a part in my research, I looked at a recent campaign called “No More Page 3”. The group state that the Page 3 in The Sun is demoralising to women, yet I can’t help but voice the power that women have over men when posing nude. Bringing back my links to Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin celebrating the female body, whether it’s sexualised or not.
Referencing the Autumn/Winter ’13 collections, Chanel and A.F Vandevorst inspired my shoot. Taking on an adaptation of Cluedo, I used the props from the game to replicate certain thoughts and feelings that can be evoked from the objects which in turn can empower the female character of the story. The use of the wig to hide the model’s face and the minimal clothing styled in the shoot, it engineers elements of mystique and intimidation.

Tagged with photography, fashion, thoughtprovoking, model, university, and blackwhite.

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